Former British General, Sir Robert Fry, reflects on risks and security in the 21st century.

It is a conventional wisdom to say that we live in difficult times but it is easy to under-estimate the scale of the challenge. In recent years we have seen 9/11, the financial crash, the rise of international jihadism and the possible collapse of European monetary union; all forecasts predict this increased incidence of strategic shocks will define the times within which we live.

At the same time, globalisation means there are no longer any safe havens: instability in Africa means population movements in Europe; war in the Middle East means terrorism on a global scale; and, trans-national networks means crime is ubiquitous and endemic in both the virtual and material environments There is no hiding place for businesses, families or individuals and recognition of that fact provides the starting point for our services. My experience in military, commercial and academic careers tells me that the surest protection is to engage the best people, operating to the highest standards and that’s what AMS Group provides.

Sir Robert Fry is a former Commandant General of the Royal Marines and Vice President of Hewlett Packard.

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