Tommi Nystrom talks about AMS Group’s Black Card personal security

Since we introduced our Black Card Personal Security service we have come to realise that there is one thing our clients value above everything else: knowing that we have helped them to protect themselves. Of course there is far more to it than that, but in developing the service, it quickly became clear to us that our personal safety training is an essential part of our service.

There are really two things which make the Black Card stand out. Firstly, there is the security we can create around people at home, at work and when they are travelling. Second, giving them the skills to react and respond when there is a possible or actual danger.

The skills and drills we can train people to adopt include: lessons in self-defense; coaching in how to respond at the very start of an emergency; using fire-safety instruments as effective weapons; and tactical driving skills to escape an attack when you are on the move.

Whilst these personal skills are being learned, we can create a safe environment around the home with infrastructure security, technical solutions of various kinds and guarding services. Not all of these may be needed, but assessing the need is part of the overall Black Card service.

Because our Black Card Personal Service aims to create comprehensive cover, AMS’s 24 Response, Close Protection as well as Information and Analysis services are available for planning and protection when you are travelling too.

The first steps to setting up a Black Card service to keep you and your family safe are remarkably simple. We’ll assess any existing security and identify possible gaps which need fixing quickly. Then, after we have created a personal security profile, we make it our business to minimise the impact of our security solutions so they don’t prevent you from living your life as they want. After all, we’re not seeking to create a protective ‘prison’. That’s not what life is about.

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