AMS Group creates solutions which can embrace every aspect of a client’s needs. Our skilled consultants provide a single point of contact to manage a range of services and products. Whether it is analysis, project management, training or specialist consulting knowledge that is required, they can be shaped and delivered as part of an AMS Solution.

We know how important it is to consider the risks and threats, develop strategies to manage them and set in place the physical protection, tracking and skills needed to keep people and property safe. Our solutions help to make safe spaces for people to live and work, provide secure transportation for high value products or cash and protect facilities and property.

  • Information and Analysis
  • Crisis Management
  • Project Management
  • Training

”In AMS Group we think of ourselves more as business managers with extraordinary skills in understanding risk and mitigating it: by preparing for it with a hands-on approach”.
Tommi Nystrom, Director, Global Consulting and Expert Services