Terrorism, piracy, organised crime and cyber security all make the world an uncertain place today. AMS Group has specialised and effective security management services for every kind of operating environment whether they are in the heart of a European city or in remote or hostile locations. We aim to support all your business operations, making them secure, resilient and effective.

Our flexibility, adaptability and versatility make us outstanding partners for anyone looking to protect their people and assets throughout the world. Whilst we take care of your security, you can concentrate on your personal or commercial goals.

Site and Facility Security

Our site and facility security services provide comprehensive measures to secure any facility. Using technology and highly trained personnel, AMS Group develops the most effective protective service for each location.

AMS Group has capable experts who can create the right protective services for every situation whether it is for an Oil & Gas plant, pipeline, mine, power station, diplomatic facility, industrial or commercial property, harbour, dock, airports or transport infrastructure.

Logistics Security

Moving high value goods around the world can leave them vulnerable to theft, damage or hijacking. This is especially true for cash in transit. AMS Group’s logistics security includes consignment planning and a range of tracking technologies as well as in transit guarding services.

Tracking and Locating

Integrate the latest GPS technologies into your business operations with AMS Group’s tracking and locating services. Our systems can be attached to high value goods and cargo, vehicles and people so you will always know where they are. Using our online service you can access a stream of information to reassure you about the safety of your assets wherever they are in the world.

24/7 Operation Room Management

It’s a 24/7 world and security needs to be continuous. AMS Group offers a central operations room service to clients who need us to track and monitor their property, vehicles and people. The controllers ensure your business has security monitoring round-the-clock and quickly activate a response to any incident wherever it is in the world.

Maritime Security

Our representatives in the UK, Djibouti, Oman, Sri Lanka and Sharjah provide security services for private and commercial shipping.

We have a comprehensive service offering advice and cost effective security for a wide spectrum of maritime operations.

Our solutions include risk assessments and analysis, on board protection and extensive technological support.

Technical Security

Our consultants’ know-how keeps people and facilities safe. They know the technologies which can be applied to any situation: ranging from robust physical protection to surveillance cameras and perimeter security options or personal mobile devices. Their expertise is valuable in shaping the best array of technologies to provide the protection you need in any security plan.

Executive and Close Protection (Black Card Service)

AMS Group’s close protection service delivers the reassurance you need to feel safe. Highly experienced security teams ensure there is a safe environment around you by assessing and acting to prevent or mitigate risks.

We have taken personal security one step further too. Our Black Card service delivers Personal Security Plans in a package of services including:

  • Frequent personal security assessments to refresh your needs as situations change
  • Support for your family and staff using state of the art security technology
  • A personalised training programme to give you the ability to respond in a range of situations

There are special Executive Protection Programmes, Individual Threat and Risk Assessments, Driver Training, Hostile Environment Training and Travel Safety Planning