Africa – a short business security assessment

Business in Africa can be lucrative – although at certain times and in specific areas it can be prohibitively dangerous – unless you take the appropriate security protocols.

It is all too easy to paint a single picture for Africa. But that completely ignores the vastness and diversity of the world’s second largest continent. For a start, there are 54 countries and one non-self governing territory (The Western Sahara). The cultural diversity is reflected in dozens of languages spoken, but dominated by Arabic (170m), English (130m), French (115m), Swahili (100m), Portuguese (20m) and Spanish (10m) .

With the exception of Ethiopia and Liberia, Africa was colonised during the infamous ‘Scramble for Africa’ – and that period has had impacts which still remain today.

Political, ethnic and economic disoutes are common. There are 24 African countries actively engaged in wars or have significant civil unrest today. There are at least 142 militias, separatist groups and terrorist cells involved in these conflicts. In addition pirates and militants raid, kidnap and ransom on and off the East and, increasingly, West coasts Africa.

Despite this background suggesting significant risks, the latest TAG (The Africa Group) Wealth Report has identified US$ 1.671 trillion of wealth and production in six key agricultural areas and a further US$ 14.5 trillion of oil, natural gas, coal and uranium in Africa.

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